15 minutes : some moments of fragile happiness, which make change one’s vision of nature, balance and transitoriness.

In 1996, audience stopped breathing at a scene of the play Balance … forever turning in which the artist made grow a fragile giant mobilé out of 13 palm ribs. This moment was the birth of the Sanddornbalance, one of the most stunning acts the world has ever seen, which has been enchanting audience everywhere with no difference of culture, age, education. A performance which is to been seen in cabaret shows and circus but also at theatre, museums and opera houses. RIGOLO – meanwhile characterised as magician or shaman – had sold out performances at Broadway. Theatre directors like André Heller adore the act and invite RIGOLO to participate in their shows and cabarets. With his own rhythm of slow motion and also silence, Sanddornbalance brings moments of fragile happiness. Trailers of Sanddornbalance have an uncountable number of visitors, followers and comments. Worldwide.

For more than 15 years in which Mädir Rigolo has been the only performer until he took the decision to share his experience and transfer his knowledge to a small number of selected artists who from now on carry on the tradition of Sanddornbalance in their own individual style and adaptation.

Thus, nowadays there is a celebrated Sanddornbalance at Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna, performed by Mädir’s daughter Lara Rigolo (Nestruck’s Top 10 in 2012). Or the powerful and energetic interpretation by Memet Bilgin Rigolo in Australia. We meet the mysterious elegance presented by Japanese dancer and choreographer Miyoko Shida Rigolo. We listen and watch to Naima Rhyn Rigolo who enriches the performance with the sonority of her voice.

Mädir Eugster himself will not stop performing himself – no way – but will surprise audience with a new creation Wings in My Heart in 2014.

Since 2013 Ute Classen is the office manager of Sanddorn activities. An exciting job.